Who we are

Founded in 1985, the Vienna 1% for Development Fund, Austria, is an association of staff members and former staff members of the Vienna based organizations.

The 1% Fund is entirely independent of the Vienna based organizations themselves and of any other bodies. 

Members of the 1% Fund pledge to contribute at least 1% of their income each month to fund small scale social and economic development projects in the least developed areas of the world.

Watch the video on UN Staff supporting 1% for development.


To fund small development projects with big impacts.

The 1% for Development Fund was inspired by a United Nations Resolution urging developed countries to transfer 1% of their national incomes in assistance to developing countries (see below: UN Resolution No. 1522, 948th plenary meeting, 15 December 1960).

Many staff members and former staff members of the Vienna based organizations want to make a direct and personal contribution to social and economic development for the most disadvantaged.

Join the 1% Fund, and make a lasting impact!

“The 1% for Development Fund is a unique demonstration that everyone of us can contribute to overcoming extreme poverty and to [achieving] the [UN] Sustainable Development Goals at large.

“By donating 1% of their income and becoming directly involved in the selection of  projects, its members have shown that each of us can make a difference.”

— Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary General



Accelerated Flow of Capital and Technical Assistance to Developing Countries

THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE UNITED NATIONS, believing that the present flow of international assistance is inadequate, expresses the hope that the flow of international assistance and capital should be increased substantially so as to reach as soon as possible approximately one per cent of the combined national incomes of the economically advanced countries.

948th plenary meeting, 15 December 1960

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